In 2013-2014, the following activities were undertaken to implement the company’s environmental protection initiatives:

  • Controlled emission sources (with gas purifying units if required) are used. These sources provide the acceptable level of environmental impact.
  • Amount and composition of air emissions as well as the levels of physical hazards (noise, vibration, thermal and electromagnetic emission) are controlled and continuously recorded. Relevant sanitary and hygienic standards are met.
  • Industrial wastes are accounted for, collected, and stored on dedicated
  • and specially-equipped sites.
  • Composition and properties of generated wastes are defined, and the level of their potential danger for the environment and human health is determined.
  • Contracts (certificates) are made with other companies to transfer industrial wastes for the best practicable disposal in the environment.
  • Relevant authorization documents have already been prepared (emission permits, inventory of emissions from stationary pollutant sources, inventory of company’s industrial and consumer wastes, certificates and record cards for each type of waste).