Yuzhnoe SDO quality management system is a part of the general management system of company and meant for company management for fulfilment all of requirements to the developed products/services. 

Application area of Yuzhnoe SDO quality management system covers all activities of company in development, designing and manufacturing space-rocketry objects such as:

  • development and designing of space rocketry including launch vehicles;
  • development of space systems and spacecrafts;
  • manufacturing of ground support equipment including in Space Launch System ground complex;
  • development of rocket engines;
  • manufacturing of spacecraft and launch vehicle components;
  • providing services on spacecraft launch;
  • space-rocket equipment testing services;
  • providing space technologies training services.

Current Yuzhnoye SDO quality management system has been certified for conformance with DSTU ISO 9001:2009 requirements (national counterpart of ISO 9001:2008) and EN 9100:2009.

Certificate of conformity Yuzhnoye SDO quality management system in the Ukrainian System for Space Rocketry Certification №UA УкрССКТ 09.090.00020.14. Validity period – till December 04.2019. Certificate is issued by the Kharkov State Space Agency of Ukraine General Customer Representation Office Certification Center.

Certificate of Compliance № UK502017-1 dated May 31, 2017 of Yuzhnoye SDO Quality Management System for compliance with the requirements of Quality Standard EN 9100:2009 "Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations" was issued by the certification authority Veritas Certification Bureau. The Certificate’s validity period is till September 14, 2018.