Yuzhnoye State Design Office is a flagship space technology company of strategic importance for the government of Ukraine, which provides a full cycle of development and operation of space and rocket technology, and takes one of
the leading positions in the international space market.

  • Mission: “By retaining and gaining our experience, provide our country and the world community with novel technology for space exploration to improve the quality of life, perceive the Universe, and preserve peace on Earth”.
  • Company’s primary objective: Provide a high level of competitive strength and economic efficiency in all business dimensions for a long run.
  • Strategy: Use available capacity of the space technology field and gain government support to achieve the maximum economic effect from worldwide marketing of space and rocket technology by forming international strategic alliances and by channeling attracted funds for all-round upgrading, equipment renewal, and innovative development.


  • Fruitful and coordinated cooperation with government agencies and other space-related companies

The company’s key basis for future development is quality and
competitive strength of the market, innovative, technological, and the logistic potential of not only Yuzhnoye SDO, but also all other space-related companies, as well as  growth of the market demand for space-related products.

  • Competitive and commercially successful developments in space and defense industries

The essential constituent of the company’s total competitive strength is to provide the following: high scientific and technological level of developments at
the lowest production cost; competitive advantages in basic technical and consumer properties; application of innovative solutions; satisfaction of advanced consumer demand by offering such services and space developments that are capable of meeting consumers’ strategic objectives and that form new segments of the space market.

  • Effective marketing and foreign economic activity

Objectives of this strategic area are organization of an effective process of implementation of competitive market-driven innovative projects, establishment of research and development centers in core areas, active marketing in core markets for satellite technologies, for materials and non-satellite technologies; enhancement of promotional activities.

  • Effective current economic and financial activity

Objectives of this area include introduction of state-of-the-art management information technologies and respective improvement of the internal economic activity, as well as corporate structure adaptation for day-to-day tasks.

  • Effective human resource policy

Objectives of this area are to increase real salary of the employees; provide the employees with employment benefits; improve the working conditions; to develop a system of support to scientific and innovative activities; optimize the company’s age profile; form the pool of senior managers; improve the employee incentive program on the scientific basis.