ДП «Конструкторське бюро «Південне» ім. М.К. Янгеля»"

Yuzhnoye State Design Office is one of the most well-known and recognized scientific and design companies in the world in the field of space technology development. This recognition is based on the exceptional experience in space technology development, gained during almost 60 years of the company’s life and reinforced by the capability to grow in modern economic and political environment, while providing flexible response to the needs of the global space launch market.

Efforts of Yuzhnoye SDO team and partner organizations have resulted in development of nine types of space launch vehicles atop of which more than 1100 spacecraft were orbited as a result of about 500 launches.

Yuzhnoye is proud of a lot of successful developments of the space transportation systems, many of which became achievements at the world level. Among them is the development of the Zenit, an environmentally friendly space launch system characterized by high reliability, fully automated prelaunch operations and launch, and bull’s-eye spacecraft injection accuracy.

At the moment, international cooperation is growing rapidly. Yuzhnoye takes part in the operation of the US medium-lift launch vehicle Antares to deliver cargos to the International Space Station and development of the Cyclone-4M rocket to launch the spacecraft from the territory of Canada.

Yuzhnoye SDO team develops new advanced family of Mayak launch-vehicles on the basis of well-proven technologies of Zenit and Cyclone families.

The Dnepr program provides an example of an unorthodox use of in-house designs: conversion of RS-20 ICBMs, designed and manufactured in Ukraine in the Soviet times, into space launch vehicles for launching commercial satellites into orbit.

For more than 50 years YSDO has been developing, manufacturing and launching different purpose spacecraft. More than 400 spacecraft of 70 different types have been developed during those years. For example, in view of particular importance of Earth observation from space, a series of remote sensing satellites was developed: Sich-1, Sich-2, EgyptSat-1. Space systems, including ground control, data acquisition, and processing systems, were developed in cooperation with partner enterprises.

At this stage within the framework of National space program of Ukraine and international space projects new spacecraft are being developed for the Earth remote sensing and communications, to support research activities and monitor crisis situations, particularly on the global scale.

Yuzhnoye has many years’ experience in successful design of highly reliable propulsion with good performance and mass characteristics and a broad range of functional capabilities. This experience allows Yuzhnoye to develop high-performance engines at minimal cost and in minimal time. Successful participation of Yuzhnoye in the development of the European launch vehicle VEGA, for which the company has designed and supplies the 4th stage main engine, provides an example of our capabilities.

Much attention is given to the organization and development of pilot production and test facilities. Additive technology is becoming widespread for the production of state-of-the-art space technology, especially for the production of sophisticated details for the launch vehicles and spacecraft, particularly engine components. Also YSDO provides full-scale ground development testing of the rocket and space technology items, systems and units under close-to-real conditions.

The important advantage of Yuzhnoye is an impressive school of engineering and design specialists, which was forged for decades in keeping with traditions of continuity of training. Liaison with leading aerospace universities of Ukraine, National Academy of science of Ukraine was established. Much attention is given to the selection of young engineers and their proactive integration in the work process. Adopted by Yuzhnoye, the policy of maximum support to research and inventive activities and social support to young engineers helps to elicit their creative potential and motivates them to participate in advanced development projects. As of the beginning of 2018, the number of employees at the enterprise is more than 5000.

Space exploration is one of the priority lines of world science advancement. The scientific and technical potential allows Yuzhnoye to solve various problems in the field of space exploration, while offering new products and services, and to participate in national and international projects of any level of complexity. Successful business of Yuzhnoye as a leading design office in space industry heightens Ukraine’s scientific and technical potential and strengthens the country’s prestige in the international arena.